Santina Ashtanga workshop

SANTINA GIARDINA-CHARD – The Square of Life: The Feeling is The Secret

Saturday 11th December | 8.00am UK | 7.00pm Sydney

2 hours | Recording available

Creating clarity on the Ideal State of Being, based on the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn

“Whatever (one) feels deeply or images clearly, is impressed upon the subconscious mind, and carried out in minutest detail.” Florence Scovel Shinn

Florence Scovel Shinn (1871 – 1940) was an American artist and New Thought spiritual teacher and metaphysical writer. Shinn is best known for her first book, The Game of Life and How to Play It (1925). She expressed her philosophy as:

“The invisible forces are ever working for one who is always ‘pulling the strings’ themselves, though he (she) does not know it. Owing to the vibratory power of words, whatever one voices, he (she) begins to attract.”

As conscious creators, we have ultimate dominion and sovereignty over our minds, speech, and inner conversations. It is our birthright; and our divine inheritance. Mental and cognitive faculties work under something that simulates them. This stimulus may come either from without, through the external senses or from within by the consciousness of something not perceptible on the physical plane. Our FEELING sense is the operating power that propels and constructs our level of consciousness, and ultimately our STATE of BEING.

I believe every human has an urge, a yearning and a desire to expand and emerge into more. To become more receptive to the Divine Operating spirit, thereby creating certain types of experiences inside us. In broad terms, I believe all human beings have a deep desire to experience certain aspects of existence beyond their known reality.

If we wish to bring more wholeness and substance into our world, we need to bring it to life and demonstrate it in our daily reality. We spiral back to the essence of our desires. We need to embrace our desires fully!

In this WORKROOM, we ask questions of our INNER SELF, embody states of being/feeling and create imaginal pictures to generate further clarity on the person we truly desire to be.

The very word itself, ‘desire’, is omnipotent. For the expression, “De-Sire” comes from the Latin meaning “of the sire” or “of the Father,” meaning Spirit/God/Source. Our “desire” springs forth from spirit and the Father in that there is a sacred aspect to our desires. Desire is deep love expressed from the Father.

The here and now

In the clandestine chambers of our hearts, we are all mystics. As a pragmatic mystic, I am attempting to apply spiritual truths in a practical, down-to-earth process. I am under evolutionary pressure to emerge, and I am stepping out on the EDGE with this workroom.

When we reflect on events and happenings that brought us to certain points in our lives, we often wonder how it all came about. We even say things like, ‘I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.’ And indeed, that be true. Not by luck or chance, however, by known (conscious) or unknown (not yet conscious) desire.

I am a true believer of these compelling six words – “we become what we think about.” However, I believe it is more “WE BECOME WHAT DEEPLY FEEL IN OUR HEARTS”.

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee. – Proverbs 23:7(KJV)

Indeed, our hearts are the centre of “THE FEELING FUNCTION”.

We believe what’s in the heart. The thoughts and inclinations and ultimate sensibility of the heart shape the reality of who you are. Our feelings shape our thinking which will ultimately compel our actions.

In all our operations, we must always remember that the Creative Power is a process of FEELING and not reasoning. Reasoning analyses and dissects; feeling evolves and builds up. The relation between them is that reasoning explains how “feeling” has this power. The more plainly we see why it should be so, the more thoroughly we are delivered from those negative feelings that act destructively by the same law: affirmative feelings work constructively.

Now, we all know that the first spring of action in any change of cause and effect which we set going starts with some emotion, some manner of feeling and not with a mere argument. Argument, a reasoning process, may cause us to change the standpoint of our feeling and conceive that as desirable, which at first we did not consider, but at the end, it is the recognition of a desire which is the only spring of action. Therefore, feelings and desires give the valid key to our life, not merely logical statements. So if the feeling and desires are going in the right direction, we may be very sure that the logic will not be wrong in its conclusions, even though it may be blundering in its method; take care of the heart and the head will take care of itself.

“Keep thy heart (or imagination) with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.” (Prov. 4:23.) Florence Scovel Shinn

In The Game of Life book, Scovel Shinn suggests that most people see life as a battle, but in fact, it’s not a battle; it’s a game.

However, a game that can’t be played without busting some long-held (limiting) beliefs and acknowledging spiritual laws of mind.

The Square of Life : The Divine Design

In ‘The Game’, she talks about the excellence of Self-Expression or Divine Design. Our Divine Design is an expression of LIFE that no one else can convey and that no one else can do, and that which is uniquely destined for each of us. She says that often we don’t know what the Divine Design of our life is, so she suggests we should make this demand:

THE SQUARE OF LIFE or Our Divine Design includes:

Love; and
Joyful Self-expression

The Square of life, when idealised, can bring contentment and happiness.

When we take a magnifying glass to these four categories, we can examine our desires, and we can start building on them and becoming clear on the STATE OF BEING and the EXPERIENCE we want to behold in our world. We can give the CHARACTER WE WISH TO PLAY the FULLEST EXPRESSION in this “Game” called LIFE.

By defining and describing what we see or what we wish to see, as the MAN/ WOMAN/ HUMAN, we can start to sharpen our awareness and commence the process of unlocking the state of consciousness underpinning this manifestation. And We Let the Game Begin!

  • The mode of this exploration is by:
  • Asking questions; we build and define our state
  • Creating images in the imaginal realm to idealise the IDEAL STATE OF BEING – training the imaging faculty.
  • Practising the state of consciousness in our daily life.

Santina is an Ashtanga teacher and Gestalt therapist. She believes there are many pathways into and towards healing and inner transformation. After years of anorexia, bulimia, heroin and other substance abuse, she came to understand that these compulsive behavioral patterns were just a means to escape the boxed-up feeling of terror, rage, shame, despair, grief and unworthiness deep within her psyche and physicality.

Paradoxically, the Ashtanga Yoga and Gestalt methods help her to realise that whenever she wanted to escape herself through compulsive behaviour, what she was really hungry for was a deep and abiding connection with herself that brings forth the joy of being comfortable in her own skin. You can read more about Santina on her website Insan Yoga

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