ty landrum

#120 Ty Landrum – Making Room For Consciousness

Ty Landrum - Making Room For Consciousness (https://www.tylandrum.com/ @tylandrumyoga)

The impact of the awareness of yoga | Yoga for struggles with depression | Bringing awareness to the body | Awareness of the breath | Yoga opens doors to hidden emotions | Stiff beginnings | Acceptance of pushing in yoga | Being present with whatever is arising | Wanting to feel like Richard Freeman | Following the questions | Prana and Apana impact on asana | Energetic based alignment | Roles of inhale and exhale | Varying the Ashtanga sequence | Qualities a good teacher

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Ty has an unwavering love for this unique somatic discipline, which he began practicing back in 2005. Drawing on his formal background in philosophy (PhD University of Virginia), Ty has an unusual power for illuminating the internal dynamics of yoga. He sees yoga as conscious participation in archetypal patterns of human development, which he is ever drawn to explore.

Many inspiring people taught Ty about yoga, but the deepest and most lasting imprints have been made by Jennifer Eliot (his first teacher), David Garrigues (his second), Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman (his most recent), to all of whom he is forever grateful. These teachers all did something remarkable, which is to disappear, and allow the spirit of yoga to stand forth from within.

Ty now shares his love of yoga in studios and retreat centers around the world. His passion is to share the brilliance of yoga with anyone who wants to learn.

learned yoga from pain and heartache, loss and confusion, old books, lost tapes, full moons, long bouts of silence, cold winds, simplicity, forgiveness, surrender, and the caring words of a few good friends.

He draws inspiration from children, saffron, sage, carob, almonds, chocolate, wise women, gnarled old men, olive trees, deep rivers, steep mountains, quaking aspen, honeybees, love songs, sunrises, laughter and deep breath.