Keen on Yoga Podcast Max Strom

#45 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Max Strom

Welcome to the Keen on Yoga Podcast with Max Strom. A 3x TEDx speaker, author, and global breathing teacher, known for teaching breathing patterns for personal transformation worldwide. Max developed a groundbreaking system of breathing techniques designed to alleviate crippling anxiety, depression, PTS and sleep problems. His field-tested method focuses on the causes rather than the symptoms and is known to produce rapid results.

Max has had a career as a lead singer in his own band, and then a screenwriter. He was 38 when I took the first step on his path as a yoga teacher. Pushed into it by friends he was still very insecure as he taught his first few classes. He’s come a long way since then as a speaker and teacher and he credits this to the inner work he has done.

Through breathing techniques, meditation, inspiring spiritual teachers and writing, Max has reconnected with his inner child and learned how to give him the love and understanding that he so desperately needed.

Max has now found his voice. From feeling like an odd and insignificant loner, he has found the teacher, leader, and the storyteller in himself. Sharing his personal stories with people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds creates understanding and connection. Ultimately, we’re not that different from each other. Max believes that when we learn to understand one another, we learn to understand ourselves. We are all teachers in our own way, and we all matter.

We hope you enjoy the Keen on Yoga Podcast with Max Strom. You can find out more about him on his website.