#147 Lotta Sebzda – The Mindset of Practice

Lotta Sebzda – The Mindset of Practice  |  @lottasbzdayoga

Ashtanga as a 57-year-old grandmother (not what you’d think) | The importance of listening to the body | Early injury | Balancing yoga practice with family | Finding your limit | Finding joy in simple moments | Practice moments when feeling down | Inspiration from social media | Struggling with jumpbacks | Being mindful of social media | The benefits of a cold plunge | The practice in the early 2000s | Discovering the handstand press | Pushing yourself in practice

Lotta Sebzda is a 57-year-old hairdresser - Ashtanga lover - mother of two adult children and two grandchildren.  Ever since Lotta was a child, she was mostly upside down, doing handstands, cartwheels or other gymnastics.

When she found Ashtanga Yoga in the late 90s it was like coming home, she says - she was immediately drawn to the practice. Since that day it’s been a big part of her life - with dedication, love, curiosity, energy and gratefulness.

Andrew also started his Ashtanga Yoga journey at the same time as Lotta. With a background as a basketball player, he had many old injuries to deal with. Ashtanga yoga helped him to strengthen the weak and injured parts of his body, and today yoga is the only thing that keeps him strong, both in body and mind.