#96 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Daniel Simpson

Daniel presents ancient texts for modern times. He is the author of The Truth of Yoga, a comprehensive guide to the history of practice. His approach combines scholarly knowledge with humour and insight, making yoga philosophy accessible and relevant to practitioners today.

Daniel teaches courses online, at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, around the UK and internationally. He also offers private tutoring. Drawing on a master’s degree from SOAS (University of London), and two decades of experience, he aims to help students explore their own path. He supplements his teaching with work as an editor.

In this episode Daniel talks to Adam about:

Sanatarma Dharma

The Vedas



Family Vedas

Rig veda

The quest for satisfaction in the outside world 

Origins of Hinduism


Brahma and Brahmins

Advaita vedanta





The ultimate oneness


Patanjali’s yoga sutras

Ashtanga yoga where did it come from

The eight limbs as a way to remove suffering

One pointed focus

Yamas and niyamas

Use of asana 

Find Daniel:

Website: https://www.danielsimpson.info/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielcsimpson/