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#92 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Deepika Mehta

Deepika Mehta has been on the forefront of Yoga, fitness and wellness in India since 2001. She holds a Level 2 Authorised Ashtanga Yoga Teacher in addition to being a mom to daughter Devi Tara.

Deepika used Yoga to heal herself from an accident she had several years ago. Therefore, she believes deeply in the power of the healing process of the practice. Known for her motivational and inspirational style of teaching she believes anyone can achieve what they want if they put their mind to it.

It’s hard to fit all her achievements into one write up. For instance, she has had several television shows of her own like Yoga City on NDTV Good Times, Tata Sky Active Fit and Biggest Loser.

She has been featured in India’s Vogue and Elle Magazines etc as well as on the cover of India Today. In addition, she was awarded Yoga Expert of the Year by Vogue India in 2018. Recently, included in the Wellness Powerlist, 2021 in Hello Magazine, India.

She is also teacher to some of India’s top celebrities and actors including Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone.   In addition, she has given a Ted Talk at the UN Headquaters in NYC.

Deepika loves to incorporate dance and various other forms of movement and healing practices into her teaching mix.

She now lives in Bali with her husband Mark Robberds and daughter Devi.

Instagram:  @deepikamehtayoga