Yoga podcast Peg Mulqueen

#51 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Peg Mulqueen

Keen on Yoga Podcast with Peg Mulqueen, the forerunner of the Ashtanga podcast and blog with Ashtanga Dispatch. Starting in 2009 I would credit her for providing a general exposure of many of the well known Ashtanga teachers unique to the time. For, most of us, not lucky enough to attend their workshops, this was a democratising of the scene. Moreover it encouraged an unprecedented sense of community spirit.

Peg is also a mother, teacher and dedicated student of Ashtanga in her own right. She has been practicing for almost 20 years. At the same time, bringing up her daughter and spending time as a writer for Yoga Journal. Living on a farm in rural Montanta, she presents to me the picture of a well-rounded, furthermore, accomplished individual.

Peg has interviewed by now all the well-known ashtanga teachers. In addition she is a voice to be listened to in her own right. She is adamant about presenting the practice in a realistic and approachable light. Moreover to women and mothers who are all too often side-lined in their needs, or assumed to be taught the same as men.

Meghan, Peg’s daughter “officially” joined her work in 2017. Though she had always been a part of Ashtanga Dispatch, 4 years ago, she really because her right hand and often better half.

Of course, also in this interview Peg shares a few anecdotes about her time running Ashtanga Dispatch. And we talk about the take home points from running a yoga podcast and how it has affected our own practice.