#110 – Keen on Yoga Podcast With Michael Baidoo

Michael Baidoo (@bay_jitsu @ashtanga_breakfast_club) The Beauty of Waking up at 5 am | Learning Ashtanga Online | Social Media Networking | Humour in Dynamics |Jujitsu to Ashtanga | Making Guy Donahaye Smile | Ashtanga for Mental Health via Self-discipline | Leaving a Sheltered Family | The Personification of a Man

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Michael is a purple belt Jiu Jitsu practitioner who began practising Ashtanga yoga during the pandemic lockdown as he lost his job. His sensei was his inspiration and motivation to get up each day at 5 am. He began as self-taught through books and videos.

Soon afterwards, Michael took to social media to share his experience in the most hilarious way and found connections with other practitioners. As they got in touch with their experiences, Michael became king of the Ashtanga memes as he brought light and laughter to students around the globe. His sheltered upbringing gives Michael a unique insight and appreciation for discipline which served him well.