Online pranayama course

Pranayama Course: 6-Sessions with Philip Xerri (recorded)

Pranayama Course: 6-Sessions with Philip Xerri (recorded)

This online pranayama course is a set of 6 professionally recorded videos. You can learn at your own pace safely and comfortably. Philip covers what he sees as the first two pillars of Pranayama practice. These are the foundations upon which a safe, meaningful and profound structured progress can be built.

Videos 1, 2 and 3

Firstly we introduce the first element of control – the physical dimension. This is the ‘abc’ of Pranayama. Learning the scales before playing the tunes. This is where you take control of your breathing by mastering the practice of Sectional Breathing.

It culminates in the Mahat Yoga Pranayama (The Grand Yoga Breath). This moves through the basic 3 Part Breath and on into the more precise mapping of the lungs into 9 distinct sections.

Videos 4 and 5

Here we move on to the the vital element that allows for the transition from Conscious Breathing. (Breath and Awareness moving together – as in the Mahat Yoga Pranayama) into Pranayama. This is the generation and manipulation of energy – Prana, via precise control of Breathing. Breath, Awareness and Prana moving as one, equals Pranayama.

In addition this subtle connection is brought about with the introduction of the Prana or Hasta Mudras. These hand gestures connect with a subtle energy centre in the brain that governs the flow of Prana into the lungs.

Lastly we introduce ‘vibration’. These three sounds or Mantras are associated with the body, the AUM. The culminating practice in this first pillar is called the Pranava AUM. It is an amalgamation of the Mahat Yoga Pranayama, the Prana Mudras and the Mantras. It is one of the most profound, uplifting and therapeutic Pranayama practices I have experienced.

Video 6

The second pillar, moves away from the ‘physicality’ of breathing, basically Sectional Breathing, and moves into the flow and harmony of the breathing cycle. We introduce an equal rhythm which aims to allow for a steady increase in capacity throughout all four parts of the breathing cycle. The equal rhythm also helps bring balance into the mind and emotions. The Prana Mudras ‘switched on’ the flow of Prana into the lungs. This Pranayama begins the fine tuning of the subtle anatomy needed in order to progress to more difficult controls.

If you have any problems, difficulties, queries etc. concerning any aspect of the practices contained within the videos, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Philip directly

And so, above all relish and enjoy every breath that you take.

About Philip

Philip Xerri was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1948. He was an accomplished athlete and rugby player in his youth. He became a ‘wanderer’ in his 20’s and then aged 28 walked into a yoga class run by Philip Jones in Cardiff. This was a major turning point. Since this time Philip has continually practiced and taught Yoga and Pranayama throughout the UK and Europe. He founded Yoga Quests in 1986.

Philip studied yoga and Pranayama with Dr. Swami Gitananda in India 1980/1981, graduated with an honours degree in Comparative Religion 1984 and a Post Graduate Certficate of Education in Religious Studies 1985. Philip has experienced many different schools of Yoga, qualified in Remedial Massage, Reflexology and Touch for Health.

The main focus of Philip’s Yoga practice has always been Pranayama culminating in the formulation of his Pranayama Foundation Course in 2000. The course encapsulates Philip’s two fold approach to the practice of Pranayama – structured, progressive, developmental, logical, but also, holding firmly onto the power and spiritual poignancy of the practice.

Philip has also written Manuals on How To Teach Pranayama, a short fictional novel based in India entitled  “Seek And You Will Not Find” and has also produced a CD of Yogic Poetry and Stories which aim to portray various ‘spiritual’ concepts in new and different ways – often with a humorous twist! He is a much loved teacher and a wonderful man and you can find him teaching live online pranayama classes with Keen on Yoga.

Cost: €45 for lifetime access