ashtanga yoga recorded course

Adam Keen – Foundations of Ashtanga Yoga Recorded Course Course

Adam Keen: Foundations of Ashtanga Yoga Recorded Course including downloadable PDF

In this Ashtanga yoga recorded course you will Learn the foundations of Ashtanga yoga in-depth in your own environment and have lifetime access to recordings. This is an opportunity to follow the sequence of the Ashtanga Primary Series while receiving clear instructions on how to get into the postures. You will also learn what you can consider when you are in them. This is the real work.

Beyond simply making shapes the point is connecting to yourself that comes from understanding the role of breathing. This is a diaphragmatic breath made by bandhas once you are in the postures.

The videos are broken down as follows:

  • Sun salutations A & B
  • Standing postures
  • Seated postures first half
  • Seated postures second half
  • Back bends & finishing postures

You have not only the videos to refer to, but, also a printable, colour PDF of the series demonstrated by Adam.

The course is relevant to all levels. Of course, it is suitable for beginners, but, in terms of the subtle technique regarding the effect of the breathing on the mechanics of the shape within the shape, it is recommended for all students who are interested in Adam’s approach. Even advanced students are likely to find some new and valuable information in it.

Summary of the Ashtanga Yoga Recorded Course:

  • Lifetime access to 5 videos breaking down slowly the whole of the primary series with Adam demonstrating as he talks it through.
  • A printable PDF of the series sequence with Adam demonstrating the postures.
€35 for lifetime video access