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#66 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with That Meditation Guy Jimmy

That Meditation Guy Jimmy started meditation as his life enjoyment was crippled by insomnia. He heard that meditation was a scientifically valid way to treat that problem. Having already tried to fix it with courses on mindfulness, books and guided meditation CDs, but nothing got him to that deep place he’d heard about. Then he found a teacher from the ancient Vedic tradition.

After four days of meditation training in a little room in London, his life was on a new path (and he was sleeping like a baby). Since then he’s been hooked. He has spent years training, exploring and testing meditation techniques. Jimmy is fascinated by the science and philosophies of these ancient practices. Now he teaches busy people the most powerful technique he knows for connecting to deep inner silence and stillness.

The technique is an ancient one from the Himalayas that is scientifically proven to deliver transformative benefits. This is completely different from mindfulness and other styles of meditation which you might have tried before.

Delve Deep

In just 20 minutes you can get into a deep state of meditative absorption. Melts away your stress and feel happy, energised, and clear-headed. A skill for life you’ll be delighted to practice. It takes you beyond the thinking mind into a place of peace, stillness, calm and silence. Life becomes easier when you delve into this altered state each day.

It doesn’t involve focussing on your breath or body sensations. It doesn’t involve witnessing your mind or visualising anything. Nor does it involve mindless chanting. The technique leads to an altered state of consciousness.

This shows up as highly organised and synchronised alpha waves in both hemispheres of your brain. This is a sign of deep relaxation for the body and rejuvenating rest for the mind. This is the mechanism that delivers the benefits of meditation.  

You can find more about Jimmy on his website Delve Deep.

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