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#163 Adam Keen Solo – On Teaching Yoga

#163 Adam Keen - On Teaching Yoga (www.keenonyoga.com | @adam_keen_ashtanga)

In this solo podcast episode, Adam discusses various aspects of teaching yoga. He shares his journey of becoming a yoga teacher and the different experiences that led him to teaching. Adam emphasizes the importance of readiness to teach and the role of enthusiasm and appreciation in sharing the practice. He also discusses the qualifications and proficiency required for teaching, highlighting the significance of care, interest, and connection with students. Adam addresses the issue of burnout and the need for self-care as a teacher. He concludes by discussing the challenges of losing students and the importance of adapting teaching methods to suit individual students.

Key Points

  • Readiness to teach comes from personal experience, enthusiasm, and appreciation for the practice.
  • Being the best practitioner is not a qualification for teaching yoga; care, interest, and connection with students are more important.
  • Burnout is a real concern for yoga teachers, and it is essential to take breaks and prioritize self-care.
  • Teaching adaptations and making the practice accessible to students is crucial for their progress and engagement.

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