Keen on Yoga Podcast Taylor Hunt

#46 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Taylor Hunt

Welcome to the Keen on Yoga Podcast with Taylor Hunt, a devoted practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga. He makes yearly trips to Mysore, India to study under the guidance of his teacher, R. Sharath Jois. In 2013, Taylor received Level 2 Authorization to teach and has had the honor of assisting Sharath on several occasions.

Taylor is dedicated to sharing the healing practice with others and providing a community where practitioners can find support in their practice and daily lives. Seeking to preserve the traditional method, Taylor teaches daily Mysore classes at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus and offers workshops around the world.

He has authored of A Way From Darkness. In addition he is Director of the Trini Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the life-changing practice of Ashtanga with those suffering from addiction. He continues to inspire others through his story of personal transformation and accessible approach to the practice.

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Taylor believes Ashtanga yoga is for everyone. Ashtanga is a set series of poses, however, it can be tailored to fit each individual’s needs. He encourages others to find a practice they can commit to and make it a part of their daily routine. Yoga is for transformation; it’s not just about the physical postures.

It’s about acceptance and learning how to focus the mind. With dedication, change begins to occur ‐ physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s important to find a teacher, someone you can listen to that inspires you to work to your full potential.

Each day he shows up and leave it all on the mat; he doesn’t hold anything back. After years of practice, he is amazed at how it continues to teach him so much about life. Empowered each day when he finishes his practice he has come to realize that nothing is impossible.

Taylor feels that as his body became less rigid, similarly so did his mind. He learned to stay present, not take himself so seriously, and to just enjoy life. Above all, he has found that happiness comes from within and is a choice that he makes every day. We are sure you will enjoy the Keen on Yoga Podcast with Taylor.