Talia Sutra

#126 Talia Sutra – Love And All Is Coming

Talia Sutra - Love And All is Coming  (@talia_sutra | https://taliasutra.com/ )

Ritual and practice | Using your body to generate well-being | Karma yoga | Yoga To The People | Hot yoga | Ghosh | 26 and 84 asanas | Love of teaching | Living her dream | Asana championships | Impact of social media | Pain-free backbends | Finding her voice | Love of sharing the practice | Teaching is not about you | A disciplined life | Yoga lifestyle | Motherhood | Making a living as a teacher | Physical and material development

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Talia Sutra has studied and practiced many forms of yoga including Bikram, Iyengar, Dharma and Ashtanga.Born in Israel, Talia, along with her family relocated to New York early in her life. Curious by both nature and nurture, Talia was brought up by soulful, caring parents.

She was first introduced to yoga and meditation at age 6, when her mom integrated these practices into her lifestyle to beat lymphoma. Love has always been the flame lighting the way. Talia sees nothing as external to her studies: She has learned impeccable skill and technique from masters of ballet, yoga, and art. Equally, she finds sensitivity, intuition, and insight are to be found through stillness, silence, and connection with the seemingly ordinary world around us and that ultimately no teacher is greater than the one within.

Talia recently relocated to Tel Aviv where she lives with her husband Ezra and their son Akiva. She is excited, humbled and honored to spread her love of yoga worldwide and is grateful for all her teachers and students.