richard freeman and mary taylor

#93 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor

This is the second time Adam has hosted Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor on the Keen on Yoga Podcast.  In this episode they focus the discussion on the Bhagavad Gita. 

Richard & Mary have been studying and practicing yoga since the early 1970s and were some of the very first students to discover the Ashtanga yoga method.

Together they co-founded the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado, have produced several highly regarded yoga audio and video recordings, as well as authoring several books, both together and individually.

Their latest title, When Love Comes to Light, is a guide to the Bhagavad Gita and interweaves insight into how these classic teachings are relevant for modern readers struggling with what it means to live responsibly in challenging times.

In this talk with Adam they cover such topics from the book as

  • Sounds of the battleground
  • We’re all in this together
  • There is more to things than the conflict we feel
  • Identification with the body
  • Action gives information
  • Ashtanga yoga giving the embodied experience of karma
  • Tending to the mind
  • Identification with the mind
  • The question of Renunciation
  • Using our practice for the good of the world
  • Your responsibility
  • Right attitude and duty
  • What is our dharma
  • Action without attachment to fruits
  • Devotion
  • Practice as sacrifice
  • Expectations
  • Children and practice
  • Motivation

You can find Richard and Mary on Instagram @ freemantayloryoga or on their website