Prasad Rangnekar

#118 Prasad Rangnekar – Calm Down That Mind

Prasad Rangnekar  ( IG: @yogaprasad_institute YouTube: Yogaprasad Institute)

What is our project as yogis?  Unyoga yourself | Asana practice v following yogic principles | Going into silence practices | Bodybuilding as an entry to the mind | Importance of devotion | Namaskar = Hindu push-up | Asana is not purely physical | Yoga of the west vs India | The role of a teacher v guru | 7 layers of teacher | Importance of finding ‘your’ teacher | Guru is similar to therapist | Teaching focused on simplification, deepening of faith, creation of patience | Silence & surrender | Faith matures into surrender | Grateful for the positives, humbled by the negatives | Life is simple but the mind is complicated | Let your breath be the guide

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Prasad Rangnekar, E-RYT500, is a Yoga Educator based in India who teaches in over 15 countries for the past 27 years. He has been a student practitioner of Yoga for the last 37 years, studying both in traditional lineages and academically, with a master’s degree in Philosophy.

As a transformation guide using Yogic methods he is regularly invited to speak at Indian Embassies, The European Commission, Yoga conventions, Schools, Corporate bodies, and Charity organizations. He has established multiple close-knit student communities globally and is engaged in various social initiatives, especially through his ‘Women Yogis of India’ seminars that raise funds for women-focused charities.

Prasad has been conducting 200- & 300-Hour Teacher Training for over a decade and also runs a free student resource YouTube channel that has over 350 videos with hundreds of hours of content.