Keen on Yoga Podcast Yuval Ayalon

#16 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Yuval Ayalon

In this Keen on Yoga Podcast Adam talks to Yuval Ayalon.

Yuval was a professional gymnast and member of the Israeli national gymnastic team. In his late 30s he retired from gymnastics and after that tried his hand at corporate life. However, he soon decided to put his skills to use as a circus performer.

Having been turned down by Cirque de Soleil not for his gymnastic ability (even though he was unusually old for the auditions), but for his dance skills, he spent some time practicing this aspect as a street performer before landing a job with ‘La Reve’ a circus act based in Las Vegas. 

This has flowed quite naturally after he retired from performing, through many request that he teach the art of handstands. He now travels around the world teaching on average one workshop a week. Across many different cultures and languages he brings people together through what seems almost an innate desire to balance on our hands.


We hope you enjoy this Keen on Yoga Podcast. See more about Yuval Ayalon on his website.