Keen on Yoga Podcast Geeta Vara

#9 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Geeta Vara Ayurveda

Geeta is a wonderfully relatable Ayurveda teacher and guide in what is a highly complicated, subtle and ancient art.

Having quit a corporate career, she returned back to her roots to consider and dive further into aspects of her upbringing that she had deeply connected with when young.

Geeta’s book Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellbeing is an excellent and recommended overview of Ayurveda, and how you can use it in modern times.

She is a highly sought after (and one of only a handful) of Ayurvedic therapists treating in London, UK, with a long list of clients who work with her as a lifestyle-guide in the widest sense as she incorporates Ayurveda into living in the modern world.