Keen on Yoga Podcast Alessandro Sigismondi

#6 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Alessandro Sigismondi

Alessandro’s striking yoga images are now well known. But, it was never intentional, when I first met him in Mysore he had just quit his job in advertising to devote some time to studying yoga. It happened, however, he had a fantastic eye and a way to bring out the best in people, so he was soon inundated with yoga teachers wanting to work with him.

However, he has never lost his humility, or neither his integrity. Over the years Alessandro has been outspoken on breaking down the divisions in showing the value in a whole range of body-centred modalities though working with top athletes across the globe. His openness and his wish for understanding and a deeper respect of the human body full-stop comes through strongly in his person as well as his work. His images of the human body are honest, compassionate and affirmative.