Jahnavi Jethmalani

#140 Jahnavi Jethmalani – Authentic Yoga & The Modern Human

Jahnavi Jethmalani - Authentic Yoga & The Modern Human @jahnavi.jethmalani

 Adam met Jahnavi at Purple Valley Yoga in Goa in April and they started a dialogue, this is a follow-up conversation to that original one.  Adam will be back at Purple Valley Goa teaching with Edwin Bryant in October 2024.

How do we balance yoga transmission for modern life? | Yoga is suited to the context of the West | When yoga goes too far from its roots makes it uncomfortable for Indians | How to move toward a more authentic expression | Is yoga union? | Going beyond the physical asana | Grounding the practice in yoga philosophy | Overtake of the sutras | Can you do yoga sadhana without looking at the original texts? | What is the sadhana grounded in? | How to a space of sincerity and authenticity | Physical movement and mind mastery | What do you use your mind for? | The trap of authoritarianism in the yoga world

The problem comes when you are taking the culture as an identity to what you are doing. If I practice yoga then I also have to wear the clothes and the beads and the whole set up as a costume. Yoga is not anything you do externally.