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#113 Gregor Maehle Yoga For Mental Health

Gregor Maehle Yoga For Mental Health ( | @gregor.maehle)

Yoga is for the mind, not the body | Yoga is the Vedic system of psychology | Treating trauma via breath and body | A healing modality | Importance of yoga philosophy | Using yoga to prove your validity | Include self-love and self-esteem in yoga | Spiritual bypassing | Acknowledging your own shadow | Making your mind sattvic | Pranayama | Being in service of the divine (more below)

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Gregor Maehle is the international author of eight textbooks covering all eight limbs of yoga. His latest publication is How to Find Your Life’s Divine Purpose – Brain Software For a New Civilization

He is a mystic and a profuse blog writer covering topics on yoga and beyond. He travels the globe educating with passion, humour, insight and wisdom.

Gregor Maehle began his practice of Raja Yoga in 1978 and added Hatha Yoga a few years later. In the mid-1980s he commenced annual travels to India, where he studied with various yogic and tantric masters, traditional Indian sadhus and ascetics. After practising with BKS Iyengar he spent fourteen months in Mysuru, and in 1997 was authorised to teach Ashtanga Yoga by K. Pattabhi Jois*. In India Gregor also received eight months of mostly one-on-one instruction in scripture and the higher limbs of Yoga through B.N.S. Iyengar, a student of T. Krishnamacharya. He also studied Sanskrit under Professor Narayanachar and Dr Chandrasekhar. He lived for several years as a recluse, studying Sanskrit and yogic scripture and practising yogic techniques

Today he teaches an anatomically sophisticated interpretation of traditional vinyasa yoga, integrated into the practice of the higher limbs in the spirit of Patanjali and T. Krishnamacharya. His zany sense of humour, his manifold personal experiences, and his vast knowledge of scripture, Indian philosophies and yogic techniques combine to make his teachings applicable, relevant and easily accessible to all his students.

Apart from offering Teacher Trainings online and face-to-face in Byron Bay, Bali Europe and Mexico, Gregor also teaches workshops in various locations around the world.