Keen on Yoga Podcast Day Christensen

#34 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Day Christensen

Welcome to the Keen on Yoga Podcast with Day Christensen. Day took up the practice of yoga in 2004. She was drawn to the elusive peacefulness and glow that so many yoga practitioners seemed to have.

Quickly she became drawn to the Mysore style practice of Ashtanga yoga. She recognized that the student’s potential for growth superseded what she had experienced in other styles.

Day soon began to schedule her life around her yoga practice. Her late nights and unhealthy habits stopped. After 3 trips to Mysore, Day was blessed as an Authorized Level 2 teacher. Due to years of suffering from persistent back pain, she felt that that the system of learning yoga asanas could be improved.

Groups of asanas are given according to each student’s current developing postural needs, rather than set the sequences of the Ashtanga system.

The DAY1YOGA Method was born: A tailored and customizable practice without posture- or series-hierarchy. This incorporates the element of 1 to 1 instruction of the Mysore style, of 1:1 instruction with each person working according to their own needs, ability, and pace, but with a reassessment of the series and order of postures.

There is zero delineation between “advanced” and “beginner” students. Day sees students as just people with issues, all there for the healing and strengthening modality that yoga should be.

We hope you enjoy this Keen on Yoga Podcast with Day Christensen, you can find more about her on her website.