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#127 Day Christensen – Commit to Yourself

Day Christensen - Choose Yourself ( | @day1yoga)

Being an ‘Ashtangi’ | Impact of back pain | Hooked on Ashtanga | Saving herself from herself | Not being a rule follower | Embracing the system | The desire for certificates | Wanting to feel good | Posterior v anterior pelvic tilt | Giving a happy alternative | Current practice | You can’t do what you can’t do | Building strength | Finding the spiritual aspect in every moment | Connecting with yourself | What's optimal? | I am not Ashtanga & Ashtanga is not me | I commit to me / my health

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About Day Christensen

Drawn to the elusive peacefulness and glow that so many yoga practitioners seemed to have while connecting with yogic philosophy, Day Christensen took up the practice of yoga in 2004. Starting out, she took classes that fit her schedule, but quickly became drawn to the Mysore-style practice of Ashtanga yoga, where students were taught in a relatively silent room with one-on-one instruction. There, in this environment, she recognized that the student’s potential for growth superseded what she had experienced in other styles of yoga that utilized the more typical “guided” method of teaching.

It was then that she began to schedule around her yoga practice, and her life of late nights and unhealthy habits did a 180. After immersing herself in Ashtanga and the Mysore method, taking trips to Mysore, India to study where the practice was born within the lineage of those who created it, on her third trip to India, Day was given the blessing to teach as an Authorized Level 2 teacher.

However, shortly after that time, suffering from persistent back pain, Day found that the system with its hierarchy of postures and repetitive movements could be more harmful than helpful. Through the process and years of learning to heal and recover from back pain, Day finally was able to break free of the cookie-cutter method of giving all students the same sequences of postures meant to be learned and repeated 6 days a week, sometimes for years and years on end with no variation in asanas or movement patterns.

With this new perspective due to her own pain caused by repetitive movement, she recognized that the system of learning yoga asanas can be improved: groups of asanas should be given according to each student’s current and developing postural needs. “The how” being the Mysore Method of one-on-one instruction where each person in the room is able to work according to their own needs, ability, and pace, was and is the most effective way to learn and grow. But “the what” of specific series and order of postures MUST be re-assessed.

Thus, The DAY1YOGA Method was born: A tailored and customizable practice, minus posture- or series-hierarchy, (zero delineation between “advanced” and “beginner” students), just students, people with issues, all there for the healing and strengthening modality that yoga should be.