Danny Paradise

#132 Danny Paradise Part 1: A Life of Yoga

Danny Paradise Part 1: A Life of Yoga ( www.dannyparadise.com @danny_paradise108)

Early days in Hawaii | Cliff Barber | Discovering yoga in 1976 | Nancy Gilgoff & David Williams | Music career | No guru / Personal authority | Original Maui Crew | Learning v Perfecting | Good teachers don’t do intense adjustments | There were no full vinyasas | Modify daily | No break between primary and intermediate | The Origins of asana (more about Danny below)

Photo by Thomas Kelly - Baccu Kali in Nepal.

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About Danny Paradise

Danny Paradise has been practising Ashtanga Yoga since May 1976 and teaching publicly (and occasionally privately) worldwide since 1979. He teaches all levels of students and teachers and was in one of the earliest groups of Westerners to learn all the classical sequences of Ashtanga Yoga.

His first teachers were David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff. David was the first western Ashtanga adept. He began teaching with David Williams in 1979 and was asked to assist him at that time.

Danny introduces the forms to beginning students, experienced, advanced practitioners, and teachers. Many people he has taught are now teaching others and have their own schools. He also introduced the Ashtanga forms to many people who were Yoga teachers in other traditions and styles.

He's taught numerous well-known artists, musicians, dancers, and sports champions and studied with K. Pattabhi Jois in 1978 in Hawaii and 1980 in Hawaii in the USA. This included K.P. Jois' first advanced series of public classes in 1980 which were in Maui, Hawaii.

He's also studied and practised with numerous teachers of other Yoga forms as well as various martial arts including Karate, Kung Fu and Tai Chi. His influences in Spirituality have come from Krishnamurti, teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, Yoga, as well as numerous Shamanic traditions of Native North and South Americans, from indigenous cultures of the Pacific, Tibet, Africa and Southeast Asia. Some of these traditions also include Mayan, Egyptian, and Hawaiian.

Danny Paradise Music

Danny's main objective is to help people develop a sacred, personal, private, safe, healing, meditative, consistent, non-dogmatic Yoga practice.

Danny recently announced his collaboration with Mesa Blue Moon Recordings for the release of his newest album "Caravan Of Souls" on September 24, 2021. The CD is a collaborative effort with musical friends from around the world performing on the recordings.

The first single "Love Will Rescue You" features an animated film — watch on YouTube!