Daniel Simpson and The Roots of Modern Yoga book

#117 Daniel Simpson – The Roots of Modern Yoga

Daniel Simpson - The Roots of Modern Yoga

Daniel Simpson ( www.danielsimpson.info | IG @danielcsimpson | The Roots Of Modern Yoga Online Course)

History of modern yoga | What is yoga? | First modern yoga class 1918 | The East / West exchange | Swami Vivekananda | Yogendra | Kuvalayananda | The role of direct experience | Hinduism and yoga | The umbrella of oneness | Impact of Krishnamacharya, Iyengar, Jois, Desikachar | Indian bodybuilding cross over | Mark Singleton’s Yoga Body | Using the physical to reach the subtle levels | Harmonic gymnastics and breathwork | Yoga and politics | Hatha Yoga Pradipika | The business of yoga | Are tapas necessary?

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Daniel presents ancient texts for modern times. He is the author of The Truth of Yoga, a comprehensive guide to the history of practice. His approach combines scholarly knowledge with humour and insight, making yoga philosophy accessible and relevant to practitioners today.

Daniel teaches courses online, at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, at triyoga in London, around the UK and internationally. He also offers private tutoring.

Drawing on a master’s degree from SOAS (University of London), and two decades of experience, he aims to help students explore their own path. He supplements his teaching with work as an editor.

His latest offering is The Roots Of Modern Yoga Online Course