Keen on Yoga Podcast Celest Periera

#32 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Celest Pereira

Welcome to the Keen on Yoga Podcast with Celest Pereira.

Celeste is a trained dancer and martial artist with a BS in Physiotherapy, and over 10 years yoga practice. Her passion has been movement since she was little.  She says she would skip around the living room like she was possessed and loved dance more than life itself.

Dance provided her with a movement outlet that loved the fact that she was bendy.  However, as life progressed, however, she found herself in a lot of pain and discovered the cause was hyper-mobility.

Celest completed her Yoga Teacher Training in India in 2009 and has been teaching full time since then.

Just as hyper-mobility was glorified in dance, it was also glorified in yoga. During her degree in Physiotherapy, she learned simple tools to help make our bodies work at their best.

Eager to see changes in the yoga world, she now uses biomechanics and strength training as the backbone of how she teaches.

These days her yoga classes and workshops will definitely challenge you, but she believes it’s easier when it’s fun.

We hope you enjoy this Keen on Yoga Podcast with Celest Pereira, you can find out more about her on her website.