ashtanga yoga and beyond part 1

#71 – Keen on Yoga Podcast Ashtanga Yoga 2021 & Beyond – Part One”

This is the first part of Ashtanga Yoga 2021 & Beyond online panel webinar held in June 2021. We brought together two groups of teachers spanning decades of teaching to discuss the future of Ashtanga yoga. Hosts Adam Keen and Eddie Stern moderated the issues. Discussion was around the best way to move forward from various points of view.

The aim of this panel discussion was to look to the future. As any living tradition, Ashtanga Yoga must also evolve as a living and working method. A skillfull look to the future, does not demolish the past, the smarter move is to build upon it. We are brought together respected voices of Ashtanga yoga into dialogue with a newer generation of teachers. Those perceived to be taking it into the future. Bringing the experienced and new together for the first time in the Ashtanga community to share and learn from one another.

The discussion was a most exciting and ground breaking one touching upon issues such as inclusivity. Culturally and individually, the role of the teacher and the meaning of tradition for current times to name but a few of the fundamental topics that now require our further, collective reflection.

In order that each teacher’s voices was properly heard, the panel was divided into two groups with a short interlude. The event will be of respectful and thoughtful tone, and promises to be unique in the history of Ashtanga so far in offering such an open and collective, communal reappraisal.

To watch a recording of the full webinar click Ashtanga Yoga 2021 & Beyond