adam keen sitting in padmasana

#165 Adam Keen Solo – My Emotional Healing From Yoga

#165 Adam Keen My Emotional Healing Through Yoga (@keen_on_yoga |

In this solo podcast episode, Adam discusses his personal journey with emotional healing through yoga practice. He emphasizes the importance of using the body to resolve and purge emotions, as emotions are stored in the body. He explains that the practice of yoga, particularly in the tantric tradition, allows for the digestion and integration of past experiences and emotions. Adam also highlights the significance of creating a ritual space for oneself, where emotions can safely arise and be processed. He concludes by emphasizing the importance of self-trust and the potential pitfalls of over-practicing and suppressing emotions.

Key Points

  • Yoga practice can be a powerful tool for emotional healing and purging stored emotions in the body.
  • The tantric tradition of yoga emphasizes using the body to resolve and integrate past experiences and emotions.
  • Creating a ritual space for oneself allows emotions to arise and be processed in a safe and supported environment.
  • Self-trust and commitment to a daily practice can lead to a sense of integrity and personal growth.