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Ep.178 Adam Keen – Yoga Community, It’s a Lifeline

Ep 178 Adam Keen – Yoga Community – It’s a Lifeline | @adam_keen_ashtanga

In this episode, Adam explores the topic of community in the context of yoga, specifically Ashtanga yoga. He discusses the importance of community and belonging, as well as the challenges and drawbacks that can arise within a community. Adam also touches on the role of the teacher, the need for autonomy within a community, and the balance between a firm center and expanding edges. He emphasizes the importance of open discussion and the preservation of individuality within a collective.

Key Points

Community is essential in yoga, providing a sense of belonging and support.

However, communities can have drawbacks, such as strict rules and a lack of autonomy.

The role of the teacher is important in creating a healthy community dynamic.

Balancing a firm center with expanding edges allows for growth and dialogue within a community.

Preserving individuality and autonomy is crucial within a collective.

Open discussion and the ability to question and express doubts are essential in a community.

The modern yoga center can play a role in fostering inclusivity and community.

Community should extend beyond the yoga class and into daily life.

The concept of sangha, or community, has always been important in spiritual practices.