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#83 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Ross Stambaugh

Ross Stambaugh is an Ashtanga yoga teacher who is Authorized Level 2 by Saraswati Jois. He has made many annual trips to India to continue his studies and has assisted Saraswati on multiple occasions.

Ross seeks to preserve the traditional Ashtanga method by maintaining a daily practice and teaching his students with the same integrity and patience that was taught to him by his teachers. 

Ross teaches Ashtanga yoga workshops internationally and welcomes a chance to work with you and your yoga practice.   Ross is a 20+ year veteran of the Ashtanga lineage.

Apart from having a daily Ashtanga yoga practice, Ross has been a collegiate swimmer, judoka, and mountain climber. He is a public school teacher and holds a post-master’s degree in education. He enjoys walking his dogs, Kali and Brie and is an avid motorcyclist.

You can find him on Instagram