Simon Borg-Olivier

#65 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Simon Borg-Olivier (part 2)

Simon Borg-Olivier is a polymath of the movement world. A forerunner of yoga in Australia and a teachers’ teacher. He also holds two BSC’s an lectures regularly for a number of University science departments. 

This is his second time on our podcast, expressly this time to talk about the impact of breath upon movement in preparation for an upcoming workshop on breath at Keen On Yoga to accompany this podcast.

In this conversation Simon gets quite technical as to how to utilise the diaphragm for the sake of connecting breath to the inner functioning of the body. Not exclusively referring to the yoga-model he synthesises modern science with the yoga-perspective in a way unique to him.

Equally, he explodes yoga myths – such as bandha with a hard abdomen and how this actually freezes the diaphragm and hence the prana in the body.  All this is done with characteristic energy and lucidity and Simon himself in his early sixties is a living example of the power of a breath-based practice.