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Common Yoga Injuries – How To Avoid or Work With Them via Zoom

Adam Keen - Common Yoga Injuries and How To Avoid  and/or Work With Them (Live Zoom)

Saturday, November 25th | 8.00 am U.K. | 1.30 pm India |4.00 pm Bali / Singapore (90 minutes | €30 | recordings available)

Moving the body on a regular basis, we are going to come up against some yoga injuries sooner or later. It’s just the law of averages in moving an imperfectly balanced body to try to make it more so, that setbacks along the way are bound to occur.

Having said this, we have the phrase; ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ in English. Meaning; that there are things one can do to make the process of moving to a place of less structural integrity to one of more, as safe, and comfortable a process as possible.

Because to be honest, these movements demanded in the Ashtanga sequences are extreme. They might not seem so because we’re used to them now, as well as seeing the (self-selecting) group of adept practitioners around us practicing them – apparently quite easily – but they are.

Equally, we don’t necessarily have the natural openness of the body of a teenage Indian boy when we come to Ashtanga, to say the least.

So, there are things we can do. Both to protect ourselves, as well as deal with current conditions that may now be impeding us in practice from yoga injuries. Even though we naturally approached it with the best intentions of healing ourselves.

In this yoga injuries workshop, we will cover the following:

  • Protecting knees and dealing with knee yoga injuries; modifications and other therapeutic aspects.
  • Protecting the neck and how to safeguard an existent neck complaint.
  • Shoulder issues; how to prevent them as well as how to heal them from possible yoga injuries.
  • Why our lower back may often be sore/twinge and how to relieve and even prevent this.
  • How to know if we are causing ourselves possible damage in the future


Adam has been practising yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2004. He is one of only a few students to have completed the Advanced A series in Mysore with Sharathji and received Level 2 Authorisation in 2012.

Equally at home teaching all levels, he gives all students attention and interest. He is democratic in his approach and kind and believes that the practice should not feel like a test. Coming from an academic background in philosophy and a professional one as a chef, he is knowledgeable, practical, and relatable in his approach. Many consider him humorous too.

Adam and his wife Theresa run the online yoga platform Keen on Yoga and he hosts the Keen on Yoga Podcast & YouTube channel, interviewing many of the world’s most renowned Ashtanga teachers and philosophical academics.

Instagram: @adam_keen_ashtanga & @keen_on_yoga


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Nov 25 2023


8:00 am - 9:30 am



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