Saturday 24th September | 9.00 am UK | 10.00 am Paris | 4.00 pm Bali

2 hours | recording available for 14 days (if you can’t attend live register to automatically receive the recording link)

This Ashtanga intermediate series workshop is for anyone who is curious to deepen their practical knowledge of Ashtanga. Whether as a teacher, or, simply as a practitioner wanting to work more skilfully and effectively. Intermediate series – both structurally and energetically acts as a balance to primary. Therefore within a couple of years of practice, it is my firm belief that all students should have *some version* of this series in their repertoire.

Which, was originally the case when Pattabhi Jois first taught Western students. He taught the version of intermediate their body was able to do. This means understanding the essence of the posture. Then, the outside form of the posture may be altered accordingly to the individual. This can be whilst preserving the integrity and energetic work of the series.

In addition, the fundamental idea behind this workshop is to facilitate a path for all students and levels of ability through this series. Modifying and substituting where necessary options will be given. Each body can benefit from the harmonial nature of intermediate, whilst remaining safe and comfortingly challenged.

Ashtanga Intermediate Series

The series can be broken down into 4 main stages; backbends, leg-behind-head work, arm balances and mudra (energetic) work. At each stage we can find a way through the potential road-blocks. We won’t leave any posture out, or, force something inappropriate for your current ability. When we modify our literalism and idealism, an ideal series can be built to suit the your own uniqueness.

Furthermore, keeping vinyasa and specific details in tact, we can be confident we are still practicing in a ‘traditional’ way. That is, tradition and pragmatic innovation are *not* mutually exclusive. Both can exist together, moreover, compliment each other.

About Adam Keen

Adam has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2004. He is one of few practitioners to have completed the Advanced A (third) series in Mysore under the guidance of Sharathji Jois. In 2012 Adam received level 2 authorisation to teach the full intermediate series.

He has taught and lived primarily in his native London, as well as Vancouver, Istanbul, Spain, Crete and India.

Adam’s primary influence on the way he teaches is Mark Darby. He is committed to facilitating the individuals experience of yoga. His teaching is approached with a lightness of touch and an open mind.

Having practiced daily for over 25 years he has realised there is no one way to do things. It is from this perspective that Adam shares his suggestions with clarity and humility.

Adam is the host of the Keen on Yoga Podcast, a continuous student of philosophy as well as a prodigious thinker and writer. He also trained as a homeopath and began his work life as a vegetarian chef at Buddhist and yoga retreat centres.

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Sep 24 2022


9.00 am UK | 10.00 am Paris | 4.00 pm Bali
9:00 am - 11:00 am

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