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Ashtanga Weekend Frankfurt 2024

Ashtanga in Frankfurt, Friday, May 3rd to Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Adam is delighted to be returning to ASHTANGA YOGA RAUM FRANKFURT for this 3-day workshop.  This time we are taking a deeper look at how we can be working on the asanas in the hatha method we are using, which is the Ashtanga yoga system from Mysore, India.

Adam is very practical and loves bringing a down-to-earth and accessible feeling to learning the technique to one’s own ability with the aim of being comfortable and avoiding injury.

Friday, May 3rd

8:30-10:30: Mysore

Adam teaches traditionally as he learned and experienced it in Mysore, defined by subtle, inner techniques. Following the sequences as they are in Mysore, adaptations will be given to keep you moving forward.

Practitioners will be approached individually and offered a gentle and holistic approach to physical assistance (if you want that).  All are welcome to the Mysore class. Adam is happy if you need practice sheets, or he or Theresa will show you the postures.

11:30-13:30: Assisting & Deeper understanding of the Primary Series I

One of the best ways of learning anything is to learn to teach it. Therefore, whether you’re looking specifically to develop your teaching or your own practice; these workshops will be incredibly beneficial. Also, they will be fun. Both workshops will follow the same format, going through the Primary Series incrementally, looking at the postures together and their actions, and then, breaking off into groups and practising applying this information together.

In this workshop we will go through:

  • Surya Namaskar
  • Standing
  • Seated up to Navasana

14:30-16:30 Assisting & Deeper understanding of the Primary Series II

Continuing on from the first workshop this will focus on:

  • Finish seated
  • Jump back and through
  • Backbends
  • Closing

Saturday, May 4th

8:30-10:30 Mysore (As above)

11:30-13:30 Jump Through & Jump Back

Jump through and jump back are more than just for fun, they engage the core and use the breath in the most basic way.  Everyone can attain some form of this movement instead of skipping or ignoring it and get the benefits, which are great.

Adam considers these movements more important than the postures they link together. Firstly, because it is an incredibly efficient movement through which to mobilise the shoulder blades (which are the seat of our functional mobility). Second, because of its effect on the digestive system, the seat of our organic health.

This doesn’t mean we have to be floating back and forth necessarily (though with these tips we may build up to it). Through understanding the basic components, which can be done by everyone – we can each develop our version of it.

14:30-16:00 Practice chat + Q&A
We will discuss together the roots of modern asana and then how this relates and intertwines with the roots of Ashtanga yoga. Then, how the tradition of Ashtanga yoga has evolved to get to where it has today.

Sunday, May 5th

8:30-10:30 Mysore (As above)

11:30-13:30 Backbends
In changing one’s mentality towards what we are doing here; ‘front-stretching’ rather than ‘back bending’, we can make these postures comfortable where we may have thought this was impossible. The workshop will focus on the backbend that comes at the end of the Primary Series and the gentler backbends we find at the start of the Intermediate series. Indeed, originally, urdhva Dhanurasana came after these postures – only after the student had gone through all the intermediate series. You may be surprised at how a small switch of focus and a few tips may make all the difference here

PRICING: Below are the different options and costs.

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Friday – Sunday: 295€ BOOK HERE

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Friday Only: 150€ BOOK HERE

Single Mysore class 35€  (priority is given to those booking the full course, email Christian to book single spots if available)

Solidarity fund: In line with the solidarity philosophy of ASHTANGA YOGA RAUM FRANKFURT, let us know if you need help with payment either by talking to Christian or emailing us at Likewise, if you feel like you would like to support others in this, you have the option to pay more at checkout.

Adam Keen

Adam is one of only a few students to have completed the Advanced A series in Mysore with Sharathji. He received Level 2 Authorisation in 2012 and has taught Ashtanga yoga for almost 25 years.

Equally at home teaching all levels, he gives all students attention and interest. He is democratic in his approach and kind and believes that the practice should not feel like a test. Coming from an academic background in philosophy and a professional one as a chef, he is knowledgeable, practical, and relatable in his approach. Many consider him humorous too.

Adam and his wife Theresa run the online yoga platform Keen on Yoga and he hosts the Keen on Yoga Podcast & YouTube channel, interviewing many of the world’s most renowned Ashtanga teachers and philosophical academics.

Instagram: @adam_keen_ashtanga & @keen_on_yoga

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May 03 - 05 2024


8:30 am

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