60-Hour Online Ashtanga Yoga Intensive

Dates (Saturday & Sunday 7.00am to 1.00pm UK Time)
  • October 1st & Sunday 2nd
  • October 15th & 16th 2022
  • October 29th & 30th 2022
  • November 12th & 13th 2022
  • November 26th & 27th 2022
  • December 10th & 11th 2022

Recordings will be available for dates that can’t be attended live. Limited spaces are available.


This 60-hour online Ashtanga yoga intensive course will be taught over live Zoom sessions. It is an in-depth study of the practice of Ashtanga yoga and how to experience the postures and the work within them.  The course is aimed at those already teaching, wishing to teach or simply interested in learning more about the practice with an aim perhaps to share in the future.

It will allow you to practice more effectively and to teach more confidently. In addition, you will gain continued support from our community going forward.

Why Ashtanga yoga?

Yoga is just yoga. It is an intentional self-embodiment based on the practice of consistent (daily) periods of concentration. The Ashtanga yoga of Krishnamacharya is one method of aspiring towards this deeper experience of oneself.

Of course, we are biased, but we find it particularly effective because :

  • The sequence is adaptable to each individual
  • The method preserves the integrity of original hatha yoga as formulated on mudra – breath, bandha and posture.
  • The rigour of the postures purifies the internal energy of the body
What are the aims and objectives of the training?
  • For each individual to feel comfortable adapting the sequence to the individual they find in front of them.
  • To thoroughly understand and be able to utilise physical adjustments in a safe and effective manner
  • That each student fully grasps the significance of the subtle mechanism of breath and Bandha.
  • An appreciation of vinyasa and alternatives to the classic models of primary and intermediate series
  • Use of language: development of one’s own descriptive language as well as awareness of the hidden power of language – good and bad.
  • A fuller perspective on the context and development of modern postural yoga in relation to its historic past.
Course content

In this 60-hour online Ashtanga intensive you will learn the primary series of Ashtanga yoga in depth, including the Sanskrit names, vinyasa counts.  We will cover teaching methods, verbal cues and appropriate adjustments.

In addition, you will learn an overview of the philosophy and history behind Ashtanga Yoga and you will have online resources to continue practicing and refining your techniques at home.

  • Step by step guidance on the mechanics of each asana in the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series
  • Full explanation and instructions on the vinyasa count as they currently teach in Mysore.
  • Precise verbal cues and language around teaching
  • Comprehensive overview on approaches to safe and appropriate physical adjustments
  • Structural analysis to enable you to teach yoga to all individuals
  • How to adapt asana and sequences to safely progress each person
  • Full knowledge of the Ashtanga method, the ‘Tristana’ – Breath, Bandha & Drishti
  • Traditional and contemporary discussion and overview of the fundamentals of yoga philosophy.
  • Discussion and seminars on the role of a teacher – difficulties, ethics, expectations, and how to structure your class effectively, how to create a welcome environment for all
  • Final assessments – written and practical on both asana and philosophy
  • WhatsApp support group that continues after the graduation
  • Regular direct correspondence with Adam with option to chat over Zoom.
Who is this training for?

This course is suitable for anyone who currently teaches Ashtanga yoga and wants to enhance their skills to feel more confident.  Or you might be a yoga teacher who has an interest in the Ashtanga sequence and how to teach it.

You could even be a practitioner that simply wants to learn more about the Ashtanga method to get a deeper understanding of your practice and perhaps wishing to teach in the future. In essence the course is for anyone who wants to offer Ashtanga as group classes, Mysore style or private students.

The course is structured to for all levels of teachers looking for more tools in their classes or during their own practice.

Students will gain detailed knowledge of the Ashtanga method, primary sequence through a clear step-by-step approach.  Participants will be strongly encouraged to attend Adam’s daily online Mysore classes. You will gain the support to build a solid self-practice to deepen their understanding of the system.

Gain Confidence as an Ashtanga Teacher

Never again will you feel uncertain what you are doing. Nor, under-equipped to deal with anyone who enters your class, no matter of their age, ability or health-challenges.

Adam has taught continuously on a daily-level for coming up to 25 years. In this time he has faced all manner of challenges and questions. Benefit from his experience freely given and have a chance to ask your own questions too as they arise along the way.

Furthermore, have the assurance that you are teaching according to the Mysore tradition as it is in Mysore. Or, if you decide to diverge from this, recognise the possible other routes and have clarity on your choices. Adam has spent a great deal of time learning directly in Mysore where he was unusual in completing the whole of the advanced A series with Sharathji.

Ashtanga Teaching Practice

The course allows for a good amount of time getting familiar with different approaches to teaching in a safe, non-judgemental and nurturing environment. Adam is kind and down to earth. He also has a sense of humour. Consequently, everyone will have space to experiment and grow with each other.

Philosophy in Practice

In this current day and age as a teacher one must be aware of particular challenges. As a philosophy graduate, Adam likes to ponder current issues, bringing to bear his own continued studies of classical yoga texts on modern problems. The syllabus will give you a clear overview of the tradition from which yoga sprung, as well as a lively discussion of its application to life nowadays.

This also includes the increasing concern over physical adjustments. Adam is renowned for his oral in instruction and we will learn to adjust each other physically without ever even needing to exert touch. Which is potentially better – safer, less invasive as well as being generally more effective.

Continued Support

In addition you will become part of a community and network of practitioners worldwide who are undertaking trainings with Adam.

You will always have direct access to Adam and via our WhatsApp groups, all the practitioners joining our courses. So, wherever and whenever questions or difficulties arise, you’ll never feel alone again.

Internationally recognised and respected

Adam has been travelling and teaching yoga internationally for over 20 years. He is known in the Ashtanga community for his advanced level of accomplishment in Mysore, having completed the Advanced A with Sharathji in 2012.

Additionally, Keen on Yoga is connected to a global community of renowned Ashtanga yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners.  We have hosted workshops, interviews and panel discussions with the most respected teachers in the world.

As a graduate of the Keen on Yoga 60 hour intensive course, you will be connected to an international, group of practitioners to feel supported on your yoga teaching journey.

Certificate of Completion and Graduation Process

Our intention is that everyone will graduate. Below is what we expect from you to that end.

  • Commit to and attend and commit to all of the sessions (recordings can be made available if you cannot make some dates
  • Show a good understanding and comprehension of the practice and the teaching of the primary series.
  • Maintain a self-practice for the duration of the course to your level.

The course is created to support and empower you. Therefore, it seems appropriate to have a few assessments at the end of the course to ensure that all students are fully clear on the fundamentals instructed. If gaps are found, Adam will personally take time with each individual to go over and clarify the particular areas of confusion.

Above all it is our intention to preserve the standards and rigour of this course. Accordingly, to have an understanding of where everyone is at in their evolution is essential. As a result, assessments are divided into the following categories:

  • Practical teaching assessments: This relates to observed teaching practice – in leading a group class, a Mysore class as well as a 1:1
  • Short pieces of writing: two required, one on an element of classical yoga philosophy and one on one current application of practical teaching ethics.
  • Further reading: a few paragraphs on each of the books on the reading list.
What You Receive
  • 60 hours of live Zoom contact hours with Adam Keen
  • Practical experience of the Ashtanga yoga practice in live online Mysore and led class formats.
  • Lectures and discussions.
  • A copy of Adam’s book ‘Ashtanga Yoga – A Teachers’ Companion’ in PDF format.
  • Videos & audios to reference after the course is completed.
  • Feedback and discussion
Recommended / required reading list (not included in the cost of the course)
  • A Teachers Companion, Adam Keen (this one is included in PDF format)
  • The Truth of Yoga, Daniel Simpson
  • The Yoga Sutras, Edwin Bryant
  • The Bhagavad Gita , translated by Stanley Lombardo
Dates (Six weekends, Saturday & Sunday 7.00am to 1.00pm UK Time)
  • October 1st & Sunday 2nd
  • October 15th & 16th 2022
  • October 29th & 30th 2022
  • November 12th & 13th 2022
  • November 26th & 27th 2022
  • December 10th & 11th 2022

It is advisable to take part in all sessions for continuity, but there will be recordings if you aren’t able to attend at the time.


Early Bird (book before August 30): €520.00
After 30 Aug: €595.00

Non-refundable €200.00 deposit with full balance by September 30th September.

Payment plans are available, please contact us to discuss if you would like to set up a plan.

Terms & Conditions

Find the Keen on Yoga terms and conditions for courses and workshops here.

We try to make our courses available to everyone who is sincerely interested. If you feel you can genuinely not afford the fee please get in touch with us at info@keenonyog.com and we can discuss a reduction.



Oct 01 2022 - Dec 11 2022


UK Time
7:00 am - 1:00 pm

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