adam keen online jump though workshop

ADAM KEEN – Jump into the New Year

Saturday 15th January, 2022 | 9.00 am EST | 2.00 pm UK | 3.00 pm Paris

2 hours | recording available for 14 days (if you can’t attend live register to automatically receive the recording link)

We are all rightfully obsessed with the jump-through-jump back vinyasa. In as much as this has come to be almost synonymous with Ashtanga yoga. In which case it can be frustrating to say the least when we perceive ourselves lacking here.

There are two reasons this may be. Firstly, we haven’t developed the kind of inner language that we need in order to be able to feel our way into a complex movement which all has to happen in a split-second, with little time to consider. Secondly we haven’t found a way to break the whole thing down so as to get the work in order to be able to better do the work.

All too often, we find ourselves in the kind of double bind, where we can’t understand what the work is in order to make progress. We are, indeed, quite literally, as as well as commonly, then stuck here. 

Workshop Aim

This workshop is designed to give you the tools to get out of that hole. Of course, you may have been to a whole multitude of this workshop formatted in different ways. However not in this way yet. Where a precise use of metaphor and visualisation will help you to get into your body and access the muscles you need. So, you may not fully complete the movement as you’d still like. But, you’ll be satisfied you’re on the path.

Now, why is this movement important in the first place, other than as an impressive party trick? Indeed, it’s a neat move that helps things run much smoother, but this is not the real point. Actually, there is a reason why it is the very hub or linchpin of the primary series. Because, this series, referred to in Sanskrit a yoga chikitsa, yoga-therapy, in this aim, targets the organs of the lower-abdomen.

Basically, it’s physical aim is to restore and cleanse the digestive area, thought by every indigenous system of medicine to be the seat of all health – or unhealth. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that we are able to access the work of this movement (even if the full thing remains uncompleted), in order to receive the benefits of what is about much more than simply developing strength in the body (though this is certainly a welcome by-product).

This workshop will be a clearly instructed and uniquely guided class also allowing for a little personal practice. It matters little what level you are currently at. It’s great for beginners to develop a pathway to developing this movement, whilst also very helpful for those who can already do this, to finesse this movement in order that it is sustainable, less hard on the body, specifically the shoulders, over the lifetime we would like to practice it for.  

About Adam

Adam has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2004. He is one of few practitioners to have completed the Advanced A (third) series in Mysore, India, under the guidance of Sharathji Jois. In 2012 Adam received level 2 authorisation to teach the intermediate series.  

He has taught and lived primarily in London, with short stints in Vancouver, Spain, Crete and India, as well as teaching workshops internationally. Adam’s primary influence on the way he teaches is Mark Darby. Affectionately known to everyone simply as Darby, he taught Adam a way to practise safely and effectively (while keeping with the Mysore Style) that he has been sharing with his students ever since.

Adam is committed to facilitating the individuals experience of yoga, his teaching is approached with a lightness of touch and an open mind. Having practiced daily for over 25 years you come to realise two things; how little you know, and, how there is no one way to do things. It is from this perspective that Adam shares his suggestions with clarity and humility.

Cost €30 approx £25 | $36