Keen on Yoga is an online Ashtanga yoga studio created during lockdown by Adam and Theresa Keen. We are a married couple of dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioners and teachers. Our aim is to support your Ashtanga yoga practice by offering online Ashtanga classes, workshops, private lessons and rescources. These are delivered by Adam and from our network of internationally renowned colleagues and friends through our many years in Mysore and our time running Purple Valley Yoga in Goa.

We are also home to the Keen on Yoga Podcast and will keep you connected to asana and beyond. Expect to be inspired and nurtured in your personal journey with yoga and gain the confidence to make a life through yoga, a lifestyle of clarity, kindness and energy.

Save the date! March 14th, 2021 is the annual Yoga Stops Traffick event in support of Odanadi Seva Trust in Mysore and thier work of rescuing, rehabilitating and reintegrating victims of human trafficking.  We will soon announce our plans to support thier efforts.

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Adam has encouraged and supported me to develop a regular and consistent practice.

I have been fortunate enough to practice with Adam in London for more than 4 years and have experienced the care and energy he brings to teaching. Adam has encouraged and supported me to develop a regular and consistent practice, knowing exactly when to introduce new challenges and when to focus on refining the basics. The benefits of Mysore practice, the caring community of regular students and Adam’s approach to teaching extend far beyond just mastering asanas and continue to have a positive impact on all aspects of my life and well-being.


Adam is generous in sharing his views on yoga off the mat.

I’m pleased to call Adam my yoga teacher. I’ve practiced with him every day for over two years, and he’s guided me with encouragement and compassion from the very start. Having practiced with a few KPJAYI authorised ashtanga teachers, I must point out that Adam’s style stands out. At first, his teaching may seem simple and understated, but over time I have found that it unlocks something at a more profound level. He is also generous in sharing his views on yoga off the mat, for example with his weekly Facebook philosophy chat – we students are always encouraged to inquire beyond the physical postures! Adam’s Mysore room in London has such welcoming energy, and I love starting my day by practicing with a community of likeminded people.

Jenny L.

Adam teaches with patience, presence and clarity.

Adam teaches with patience, presence and clarity and lives the philosophy that he teaches. I have studied with him for a number of years and would highly recommend his Astanga mysore morning class to yoga students at all levels who are ready to commit to a regular practice.


I can’t recommend Adam highly enough as a teacher.

I can’t recommend Adam highly enough as a teacher. He is a talented and hugely knowledgeable teacher for students of all levels. I started as a complete beginner after years of back pain and quickly found myself inspired to start a regular practice. After 4 years of Adam’s patient and dedicated teaching, I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel, both physically and mentally. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to join Adam’s Mysore class.


Adam teaches yoga beyond its physicality.

I have been a student of Adam for 4 years now. Previously I practised with other teachers, some of them not bad, but yoga remained for me a collection of beautifully designed shapes that I had to work on hard to achieve. Adam teaches yoga beyond its physicality. He helps his students to understand the importance of the breath as a vehicle to channel our energy through the body; the subtleties of the small movements and how these impact the execution of the postures and the way the practice feels. I am very proud and honoured for having been able to study with Adam these years and cannot recommend him enough for his experience, his kindness and his dedication to his own practice and his students.


Adam has a deep understanding of yoga.

I practiced with Adam for three years and I will always be very grateful for all the knowledge, encouragement and instruction he gave me. Adam has a deep understanding of yoga and his teaching allows students to practice in a safe environment with room to explore for ones self.


I’ve been practicing with Adam for over 5 years

I’ve been practicing with Adam for over 5 years and have got so much from his teaching and support during that time. With his kindness, care and expertise he has helped me to develop a strong, sustainable yoga practice which has given me the stamina, calm and emotional strength that I need and was seeking from Ashtanga yoga. I find the practice to be challenging, disciplined, subtle, at times frustrating and always reflective of what is going on in my life. With Adams help, I navigate all this and become more able to apply what I learn about myself on the mat to my day to day life.


I feel his method of instruction to be truly effective.

I first practiced with Adam about 4 years ago while on retreat in Crete and he literally changed my practice, both physically and perspective -wise. I’d practiced with a number of authorized teachers up to that point, some quite famous, but I now choose to stick with Adam as I feel his method of instruction to be truly effective and coming from a place of deep understanding and study.

Doha, Qatar

His style of teaching is truly exceptional.

I practiced with Adam on a yoga retreat in Crete. His style of teaching is truly exceptional. He taught me how to use my breathing to get into difficult postures (for me) that I previously did not think I could do. I practice Mysore daily and I have been lucky to practice with great teachers, but Adam’s teaching style is different – it is gentle yet challenging. If you are serious about yoga and want to take your practice to the next level practice with Adam. You won’t regret it!


Adam changed not just my practice but my life.

I can’t say enough about Adam. He changed not just my practice but my life. No joke. Looking back, I was what I call a ‘recreational yogi.’ I was in it, but not really in it. Present, but not fully present. Adam’s guidance and wisdom not only helped me execute the postures and progress through the series but involved my breathing in ways I had only scratched the surface. Adam takes a keen interest in his students (pun intended) and is incredibly supportive. Highly recommended. Yoga is now a part of my life rather than something I try to fit in.

Bay Area, USA

Adam’s teaching and guidance has transformed my yoga practice

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while now, but I’ve been so busy doing yoga I haven’t had the chance! Adam’s teaching and guidance has transformed my yoga practice, I’ve seen real change in my body especially with regards to back pain which had seriously taken a toll on my ability to enjoy exercise. I’ve gone from practising once or twice a week to at least 5 times a week and would happily do it every day if I had the time. It sounds cliche nowadays to say someone is ‘passionate about their work’ but in Adams case it really is true. I Can’t recommend him highly enough.


Definitely a good teacher to have around!

Adam’s approach to Ashtanga helps me see practice in both a rigorous and joyful way. Definitely a good teacher to have around!


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